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Takoda Aviary Site Map
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Articles - Sexing cockatiels, potty training, screaming, myths, your first bird, dangerous plants and fumes, and more!
Ask Detour - advice on birds, from my pet cockatiel Detour who knows it all (except that she's a bird)!
Babies Photo Album - photos of past babies
Bird Caresheets - slowly growing, info on budgies, cockatiels...
Bird Names - lots of names in alphabetical order
Breeders Photo Album - photos of our breeding birds
Breeding Journal - who is setup, when, why, where, what...
Cockatiel Genetics - made easy! Go through the process step by step
Contact Info - how to get ahold of Takoda Aviary
Current Clutch - info and photos on the current clutch of birds
F.A.Q. - frequently asked questions
For Sale - any birds or items we have for sale that we don't normally have or that haven't been reserved
Greeting Cards - send an online greeting card with our e-card system!
Homepage - the main page
Intro Page - the first index page
Links - our list of links
Message Board - post your comments or chat with other aviculturalists
Pets Photo Album - photos of our pet birds
Recipes - ones we have developed and use with our own birds
Online Store - gifts for parrot lovers
Things You Should Know About Us - why we breed, and what makes us different
Why Takoda? - why should you buy a bird from us?

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