Why Takoda?

Why should your next baby bird come from us? Here's why!

Toys for everyone! Many breeders feel that toys "distract" their breeding pairs and will not provide a few toys, if any. On the contrary, toys give the birds mental stimulation and keep them happier. Happy birds make happy babies! A cage loaded with toys is a fun cage!

No ragged feathers! Okay, we can't really guarantee that, but our birds are never filthy, and it is almost unheard of for our babies to be without tails! Baby birds are clumsy, it's true, and are very likely to break off tail feathers. However, we have found this is far more likely to occur if: 1) the baby's wings are clipped too short. We clip one feather at a time to achieve that perfect balance. 2) The baby's wings were clipped too soon. We leave the wings flighted for a few weeks after learning how to land so that the baby has plenty of time to practice and prevent crash landings. 3) The cages are just too small! Our babies are provided plenty of room with free flight opportunities every day! Many people have commented on how good our birds look. Everyone is in good feather and it shows.

Flight time. All our cockatiels are given time outside of their cages to fly around. This includes breeder birds. Flight is the ultimate exercise and it makes the birds happy to do what comes naturally! Our smaller birds are provided with cages large enough to fly about in.

Birds are well bred. Too many times you see breeders mating any bird with any other bird. Each bird we buy is specially selected - for the mutation, for the temperment, for the talking ability. We know the genetics of each bird, we know the parents. Our cockatiels are bred for the NCS standard - this means quality, NOT quantity!

Small and happy! We don't have hundreds of birds - heck, all our fids have names, different personalities, favorite foods, you name it! Because we don't have an overabundance of birds, there is plenty of time to get to know each individual bird, and plenty of time to spend with new babies! Only a clutch or two at a time is raised. And this is intentional. A happy, loved baby becomes a happy, loved pet. I don't believe in cranking out birds to make money. I would rather raise two birds that went to happy, loving homes as well adjusted parrots, rather than a hundred that went anywhere to anyone with the cash.

Education anyone? Yeah, I've got that little piece of paper with my degree in Zoology. But I've also chatted with plenty of other breeders, read more than my share of literature, and if you peruse the website, you'll find there is a wealth of information I have written purely to help YOU!

Support for life. Many breeders claim it, we back it up. I will always help you with your questions and concerns regarding your pet bird. I'd rather you get the right information that keeps your bird healthy and smiling instead of you finding a less than satisfactory answer somewhere else. Help is always available!

Varied diets. Our birds are offered a little bit of everything, and we encourage you to do the same! Pellets, seeds, fruits, veggies, pastas... they try it all here!