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This page was last updated on July 30th, 2007!


Avalanche - whiteface single factor dominant silver split pied. Pretty sure he's a male. If so, also split cinnamon and pearl, poss lutino. Getting flighty, so needs daily handling. Hatched mid April 2007. Comes with his cage, toys, and a supply of food. $100. Avalanche 1 or Avalanche 2 or Avalanche and cage.

Bianca - whiteface lutino single factor dominant silver split pied hen. Sweetie pie. $100. Hatched mid April. Bianca.


Prevue Keet/Tiel Playpen Top Cage, black wire with granite base, 23.5"x15"x 19", $25

2 - 30"x18"x18" black wire cage with double tiered stand - $75

All birds and cages pickup only in Columbus, OH. Cash only please, or paypal. E-mail for more information on anything.