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   Enjoy our pet birds! Just click on any picture to see a larger sized image. We constantly add new photos!

Photo Album: Pet Birds


Detour is one of my own babies, she hatched 5/16/01 by Captain and Scrambles, and she's a spoiled little sweetie. She is a normal grey.

   Pandora was hatched in June 2001. She is a whiteface lutino, often incorrectly referred to as an albino. I have contemplated breeding her, as she has such a loving personality and is a comely looking bird, but for now she is my pet, and a little snuggle-bug at that! :)

   Pickle is a green quaker parrot, aka a monk parakeet. I did not necessarily want a quaker, but in the pet store I worked at they sold birds, and yep, Pickle was one of them. Nobody liked him, he bit (still does sometimes), and was called some pretty rude names. I started picking him up to get him tame again since everyone else was afraid of him. And you know what, if there ever was a recipe for buying an overpriced bird it is picking it up everyday and giving it a name!! So Pickle came home with me on Christmas Eve after my roommate grew tired of every other sentence being "Pickle this" and "Pickle that." He can be QUITE LOUD several times a day, but he does have an extensive vocabulary, his words of choice being "Pickle Pickle Pickle!" and whatever we yell at the dogs, "go away," "get out of my room," "leave me alone." ;)