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   Dates and times for our webcam can always be found here.

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   Our camera is only available at certain times. We fully believe you should be able to watch our babies being fed and playing from the comfort of your own home. Once a clutch is pulled for handfeeding, we will post a schedule of webcamera times. If you happen to see us online without our camera on, give us a message and maybe we'll turn it on!

   Our camera is not connected to our webpage. To do so would require more data transfer than we are allotted, so we have it set up so that you can directly connect to the camera.

   To view our webcam:

    You must have Yahoo! Instant Messenger. If you don't, download it from Yahoo!.
  • Add TakodaAviary to your buddy list.
  • Next to our name, you'll see a hyperlink with text like "See the babies!" Click on it.
  • Voila, you are connected to our webcam!

Webcam Schedule

Monday, October 13th
1pm - Watch the babies as they are handfed!
8pm-9pm - Brooder cam

Wednesday, October 15th
1pm - Watch the babies as they are handfed!
8pm-9pm - Brooder cam

Friday, October 17th
1pm - Watch the babies as they are handfed!
Evening webcam times as available.

Please note - we cannot guarantee the webcam will be running during these times, due to instability in Yahoo's server. During peak usage hours, this may especially be a problem.