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   Approximate prices for the different species of birds we breed.

Bird Prices  


All birds are handfed unless otherwise indicated. All bird prices listed are for baby birds.

Prices subject to change based on quality of cockatiel. These prices are starting points. If split to rare mutation, prices will increase. The mutations listed may or may not be available, these are simply all the ones possible with our current pairs.
Normal Grey$70
Cinnamon Pearl$80
Lutino Pearl$80
Cinnamon Lutino (dirty lutinos)$80
Whiteface Pearl$80
Whiteface Cinnamon$80
Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl$85
Cinnamon Lutino Pearl$85
Whiteface Lutino$100
Pastelface Lutino$100
Whiteface Single Factor Dominant Silver$135
Whiteface Double Factor Dominant Silver$400
Fischer Lovebirds
Normal split blue and lutino$65
Maximillian Pionus
Includes DNA testing
Baby maxi$450
Normal split blue$125

You may have your bird DNA sexed for an additional $25. DNA sexing is included in Pionus species. DNA sexing is not necessary for our parrotlets and some cockatiels (we can determine gender through genetics).

Usually we allow you to reserve a bird for a small non-refundable deposit. We do take waiting list names if you are waiting for a certain bird/mutation/gender.