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   This sections has photos and information on all of our current babies.

Have you visited the breeding journal page? It has information on the clutch setup date and more!

Current Clutch


I do refer to the babies with nicknames, instead of calling them Baby #1 and so forth constantly.
Please click on a picture to get a bigger version!

These babies are from our last clutch. Despite having every new owner sign a contract stating that if for any reason a bird could NOT be kept for its full lifespan (cockatiels live 25-30 years), it should be returned to us, we still found our babies being bounced around from home to home. Rather than continue to contribute to homeless pets and irresponsible pet ownership, we no longer breed birds. We have left these photos up for your enjoyment. If you have any question about owning a cockatiel or any other parrot, please feel free to e-mail us.
CUTE photo of five white fuzzy chicks. About two weeks old now. This guy wanted to come out and play. Same little guy. Isn't he just the most photogenic thing EVER?
I'm ready for my close-up. This is Bianca, the older of the two wf lutino hens. Yet another grey. :) This one not so eager for attention! This is Argyle on 5-26-07.
Aspen on 5-26 Avalanche on 5-26 Bianca on 5-26 Bunny the baby on 5-26