Vitamins and Your Cockatiel

Vitamin A Functions in normal cell growth and development. Important for the eyes, nose, and mucus membranes.
Foods high in Vitamin A: Broccoli leaves, carrots, sweet potatoes, red chili peppers
Vitamin B1 Also called Thiamin. Needed for carbohydrate metabolism and brain functions.
Brown rice, oats, soybeans
Vitamin B2 Also called Riboflavin. It is a growth-promoting factor.
Millet, green leafy vegetables, egg yolk
Vitamin B6 Also called Pyridoxine. Necessary in amino acid synthesis.
Meat, bananas, eggs, corn
Vitamin B12 Aids in growth.
Meat, liver, eggs
Vitamin D Aids in absorption of calcium for healthy bones.
Eggs, milk
Vitamin E An antioxidant in the body.
Brown rice, eggs, oats, cereal
Vitamin K Necessary for blood clotting.
Dark leafy greens, broccoli
Niacin Used for nervous system, stomach, and intestinal functions.
Eggs, milk, meat
Pantothenic Acid Metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
Egg yolk, oats, dark leafy greens
Biotin Helps with body growth.
Egg yolk, milk, peanuts
Folic Acid Also called Vitamin BC. Aids in cell growth and reproduction.
Eggs, liver
Choline Necessary for growth, egg production, and the metabolism of fat.
Egg yolk, meat