Recommended Reading

We will only recommend books and websites we have personally read and feel the majority of the information will aid you in caring for your companion parrot. You might want to check out the links page for other links not included here.

  • Cockatiels by Thomas Haupt. 1999 Barron's Educational Series
  • The Guide to Owning a Cockatiel by Anmarie Barrie. 2004 T.F.H. Publications

  • The Guide to Owning a Lovebird by David E. Boruchowitz. 2004 T.F.H. Publications



Parrots in General
  • Guide To A Well-Behaved Parrot by Mattie Sue Athan. 1999 Barron's Educational Series
  • The Simple Guide to Bird Care and Training by Julie Rach. 2002 T.F.H. Publications

Animal Behavior
  • The Parrot's Lament by Eugene Linden. 1999 The Penguin Group. This is my favorite book!
  • Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think by Marc D. Hauser. 2000 Henry Holt and Company
  • When Elephants Weep : The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey M. Masson and Susan McCarthy. 1996 Delta