A Female Cockatiel
The Cockatiel
Nymphicus hollandicus

Size: Approximately 12-14"
Weight: Normally 70-110 grams
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years (25 is not unheard of)
Natural diet: Granivore
Native to: Australia

Min. cage dimensions: 18"x18"x18" (larger preferred)
Bar spacing: up to 3/4"

Handling needs: Cockatiels are very social birds that love to be part of your flock. At least an hour a day must be given to each cockatiel.
Sound Level: Moderate. Some shrieks (both male and female) can be quite ear-piercing, but the majority of the time the bird chirps at a reasonable level for a parrot.
Talking Ability: Poor. Though cockatiels are usually bought in hopes that they will speak, few males do. They are quite adept at picking up whistles.

Special notes: Cockatiels produce a fine white dander from new feathers growing in. This results in an extra amount of dust in the house. Those with allergies, astham, or compromised immune system are recommended getting a HEPA air filter, or looking into a bird with less dander.